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One of the things I love about living Nassau are the joyful surprises you find in the most unexpected places. Centreville is a bustling commercial area centrally located in Nassau and nestled right in the middle is Knowles Upholstery which has become a refuge for some lucky potcakes. This makes me smile! Mr. Sidney Knowles is a one-of-a-kind friendly guy. I popped in to say Hi and opened the door to be greeted by three very well loved and fed potcakes lounging at the front of the store. They wander in and out as they wish, making sure to frequently anoint the nearby lamp poles to proudly mark their territory.

Located next door is Diane Knowles’ (different Knowles) Security Forwarding Services who I highly recommend if you are in need of packing and shipping if you are traveling into or out of the country. Mr. Knowles and Diane will call if a new dog appears on the scene and Baark! covers their spay or neuter at Central Animal Hospital.

Mr. Knowles has been feeding potcakes in Centreville for many years and not only does he take care of the ones in the area but he has his daily route to feed about 15 other dogs as far as Blue Hill Road.

Personal Note:  Potcake Paradise is close to my heart as well as Diesel came into my life because Lisa (an amazing animal rescuer) was at Potcake Paradise one afternoon and saw a mother who was nursing, followed her behind the Centreville Grocery Store and came across a litter of pups and rescued them! Diesel was one of those pups!