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My Visit:

I had the pleasure of being part of the Baark! Team that flew down to host a three day spay and neuter clinic in Gray’s Long Island on March 3rd – 5th 2017.  We were welcomed with open hearts and it was such a wonderful experience to be part of the community for a few days.  Our clinic was a resounding success with 126 spay and neuters performed and an outpouring of local support.  Incredibly grateful for our assistance, many pet owners made donations towards their pet’s spay or neuters.

Quick Facts:

Size: 80 miles long and 4 miles wide at is widest point

Geographical Location: Sits on the Tropic of Cancer

Capital: Clarence Town

Population: Wikipedia says 3,094 from 2010 – I would guess it is less now

Highlights: Friendly People, Dean’s Blue Hole, Adderley’s Plantation, Columbus Monument

Airports:  Stella Maris & Deadman’s Cay

Long Island was ravaged by Hurricane Joaqin in 2015.  Talking to the residents about the storm was heartbreaking to hear what they experienced yet they remain strong, resilient and positive.

Planning a Weekend Getaway?

If you are looking for a weekend get away from Nassau, Long Island is the ideal destination.  Bahamas Air and Southern Air fly in on a daily schedule.  There are several charter companies too if you want to take your dog for the holiday and rent a pet friendly house.

I enjoyed wonderful food at the following spots during my short visit:

Max’s Conch Bar & Grill https://www.facebook.com/MaxConchBarGrill/

Kenny’s Conch Salad https://www.facebook.com/seasidevillagelongisland/

Midway http://www.bahamas.com/vendor/midway-inn-restaurant-and-bar

Under the Sun https://www.facebook.com/ItsAllUnderTheSun/

and Tiny’s Hurricane Hole https://www.tinysbahamas.com/beach-vacation-cottages

Most of our team stayed at Greenwich Creek Lodge.  Janice is a lovely host.


I cannot wait to go back for a vacation and explore.  I hope you get the chance to as well.

Cheer’s to a Friendly Friday!